Missing methods

Topics: Windows Phone , Xamarin
Dec 11, 2014 at 12:46 PM
I started using the SQLite PCL project for our mobile application and noticed that some of the SQLite functions are missing:
const char *sqlite3_column_decltype(sqlite3_stmt*,int);
is missing completely, I need this method to automatically generate a value editor view for the user. Currently using this project I have no way of accessing the declared type of a statement result.
My proposal is to add a method similar to Statement.DataType(int):
string DeclaredType(int)

The methods
int sqlite3_bind_parameter_count(sqlite3_stmt*);
const char *sqlite3_bind_parameter_name(sqlite3_stmt*, int);
are implemented in ISQLite3Provider:

int Sqlite3BindParameterCount(IntPtr stm);
IntPtr Sqlite3BindParameterName(IntPtr stm, int paramIndex);

however they are not available via ISQLiteStatement. We have highly dynamic (and user customizable) sql statements, and we don't know beforehand which parameters will be required. So for us these methods are essential, otherwise we would have to parse the statement ourselves to find out which parameters are used.