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This project has been initiated by Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. working with the community.

SQLite provides a self-contained, server less, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.

A .NET developer sometimes struggle selecting the right distribution for their target platform and architecture. For example, for Windows platforms there are more than 6 distribution DLLs that the developer has to choose from.
The SQLite product is a native extension and therefore the .NET developer has to wrap differently the code across different Windows platforms.

This portable class library for SQLite available as NuGet package simplifies the installation and development experience for .NET developers by providing a single interface across Windows Phone, Windows Store and .NET Framework 4.5.

With this solution .NET developers can develop against one portable class library and do not have to worry about what assembly is loaded. You develop against one common API similar to the SQLite C++ but translated into the managed code.


There are lots of ways to contribute to the project.

You can contribute by reviewing and sending feedback on code checkins, suggesting and trying out new features as they are implemented, submit bugs and help us verify fixes as they are checked in, as well as submit code fixes or code contributions of your own. Note that all code submissions will be rigorously reviewed and tested by the Rx Team, and only those that meet an extremely high bar for both quality and design/roadmap appropriateness will be merged into the source.

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